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Parking with Dinnaken Properties

Parking for Loading and Unloading Purposes

Dinnaken House Residents: You may unload near the back entrance of the Dinnaken House or use your individual parking space.

Argyle, Tairre & Fulton tenants can use either their individual parking spaces or street parking.

*Reminder: Please move your vehicle once you are finished so that others can use these spaces as well.

Visitor Parking

The parking lots and garages are for residents with parking permits only.

Guests parked in assigned resident parking spaces, in fire lanes; in the Dinnaken Office Building visitor spaces or in the University of MN marked spaces will be towed.   Please inform your guests of the parking policies.

Dinnaken House guests may park In the five visitor parking spaces at the back entrance to Dinnaken House. Guest must obtain a visitor hangtag at the reception desk to park in the five designated visitor parking spaces.  This hangtag must be visible on their rearview mirror while they are parked in visitor parking space.  This hangtag is good for 24 hours, but no more than 48 hours in a month. Residents may not park in the visitor parking spaces. 

Visitors may also park on side streets, area ramps and metered spaces.

Looking for a Parking Space After Move In?

If you find that after move in, lottery, and waiting list parking spaces have been registered for that you are in need of a parking space please feel free to contact Nicole in the Dinnaken Office to inquire about space availability throughout the year.