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Dinnaken Scholarship Information

Why a Dinnaken Scholarship?

The Dinnaken student housing properties were imagined and built by James Cargill as a way to provide quality, affordable housing to students.  Mr. Cargill gifted the properties to the University of Minnesota Foundation in order to continue  this service to the University community.   UMF Real Estate Advisors has funded the Dinnaken Scholarship endowment to honor both Mr. Cargill's legacy and his trustees, Yvonne Grosulak, Christine Morse, and Julie Schreckenghaust, who assisted him in gifting the properties to the Foundation.

The Dinnaken Scholarship continues Mr. Cargill's vision of providing students with opportunities for years to come.

Scholarship Criteria

The Dinnaken Scholarship will be awarded each year based on financial need and academic merit.  To be eligible, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Resident of Dinnaken Properties (must have a signed lease at the time of award and remain a tenant during the academic year)
  2. Full time, degree seeking undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus
  3. Eligible based on completed FAFSA

If you are the scholarship recipient and any of the above criteria change during the academic year, the scholarship may be forfeited and re-awarded to another student. Refer to the One Stop website for more detailed information on financial aid, which includes scholarship.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to be considered by the University of Minnesota Office of Student Finance for this scholarship, please submit your name, apartment # and student ID number.

Scholarship Timing

Each year, the Dinnaken Scholarship will be awarded based on the following approximate timeline:

  1. Dinnaken Properties tenants sign leases
  2. Dinnaken Properties tenants register on-line to be considered for scholarship (by end of June).
  3. Dinnaken Scholarship Awarded by University Office of Student Finance, with recipient announcement on Dinnaken Properties website (early Fall).