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Move Out To Do List

Cleaning Your Apartment

Canceling electricity Billing

Click here for information on how to cancel your electricity. 

Security Deposit

Your security deposit plus interest (minus rent balance, damages and/or cleaning charges) will be mailed to your forwarding address within 21 days of lease termination.

Make sure your address is correctly updated via the google document link provided in your e-mail, or fill out the form and submit below. 


Forwarding Mail

The U.S. Post Office forwards your mail. Forwarding address cards are available at your local Post Office or you can forward your mail online.

Upon the lease terminating, Dinnaken will no longer receive or forward your mail. If you have any questions, please call the Post Office at 612-378-1215.

Moving Out of Your Apartment

Call the front desk at (612) 623-3634 when your apartment is ready to be inspected and you are ready to turn in ALL KEYS. You are required to be moved out and inspection completed on your move out day- but please note you can move out earlier!  A staff member will be available to check your apartment daily between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. One tenant is required to walk through the apartment with a staff member, but all may choose to be there. When your current lease agreement ends a staff person must check the apartment to determine if there are any damages that need to be deducted from your current security deposit.

 Please do not put trash or large items in laundry rooms, outside trash rooms, or in hallways.


If all Tenants have not vacated the Apartment by such time, each Tenant remaining in the Apartment will be charged a fee equal to one hundred dollars ($100.00) per day payable by that Tenant for each day or part thereof after the Move-out Date that he or she has not vacated the Apartment. 

Return all apartment/building/mail keys, and mattress pads for your apartment or charges will apply.

Notify of your new address. We do not forward mail.


Damages & Cleaning Charges

Damage and/or cleaning charges will be deducted from the combined security deposit for the apartment.  It is the roommates' responsibility to determine which of the roommates is responsible for the damages.

 The following list will be used to inspect your unit and determine the amount of deposit to be returned.